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Apr. 7, 2021


Discover architecture

It is diverse and multifaceted, and has many opportunities for specialization — become familiar with the options.

Be interested.

In the design of the built environment and public space.

Ask questions.

Contact your local AIA chapter; talk with architects; observe buildings and construction sites; visit schools and speak with architecture students.

Prepare for professional education.

Develop a broad interest in the arts and humanities and a solid background in the physical sciences, and math.

Learn communication skills.

Writing, speaking, freehand drawing.


Books and magazines on architecture and design.

Resources Careers in Architecture Brochure

The American Institute of Architects, Careers in Architecture, AIA Press,

Roger K. Lewis, FAIA, A Candid Guide to the Profession, MIT Press, 1985

Contact The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS), 202-626-7472, for career information.

Contact the director of education at the American Institute of Architects (AIA), 800-242-3837, for career information.