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President's Message

Welcome to 2021! The Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees of AIA Newark & Suburban Architects wish to welcome you all to a new year filled with new hope, opportunities, and enthusiasm.

Last year was challenging all around, but they say to find the silver lining in it all. We proved that we can be resilient, we can be flexible, we can be innovative. As difficult as it was, I would venture to say that we all learned some valuable lessons about ourselves, our families, and our careers.

Looking ahead to this year, we are excited by the promise of what’s to come, even though it may currently seem unclear. As a board this year, we want to Empower our Members to Advocate for Ourselves, our Profession, and our Future.

Advocating for Ourselves: We are here to remind you all that if you need someone at such a difficult time, reach out. The AIA has enabled close relationships to form between us all. Our members become close friends, almost family. Although physical distancing is necessary right now, please don’t forget your network is here for you, as close as ever, in any capacity.

Advocating for our Profession: We are also here to elevate each other. We are each other’s go-to people, our checks, and our balances. We value each other for our professional insights, but we can show the public that we have so much more to offer than what the TV image of Mr. Brady represented. We are innovators, problem solvers, creative, and intuitive professionals on every scale.

Advocating for the Future: Looking always ahead, we must fulfill our critical role in society by helping create a healthy and prosperous world. It has become more evident now than ever before how the built environment impacts our lives in every way. It is our time to ensure that architects come back stronger than ever! We can start by being the change we want to see in our world.

Thank you all for your ongoing support for our Chapter and our Organization. We are all looking forward to this year and we are planning our regularly scheduled programs, as well as a few new ones.

Our first General Meeting will be on the evening of Thursday, March 4, with a registration email to follow. Please look out for upcoming Virtual Architect Conversations, General Meetings, among other events. While they will still be virtual for now, we are hopeful that we can all see each other again towards the end of the year and be together with the family we have formed.

Yours in Service,
Brandon Warshofsky, AIA
2021 AIANS President

[email protected]