Public Announcements


Proposed 2019 Board of Trustees

We are pleased to present the proposed slate of Officers and Trustees for 2019 which will be voted on at the Annual Member Meeting on Thursday, December 6, 2018.


President: Paul Tiajoloff, AIA

President-Elect: Andrew Thompson, AIA

First Vice President:  Brandon Warshofsky, AIA

Secretary:  Christy DiBartolo, AIA

Treasurer: John Fallon, AIA

Past-President:  Ron Weston, AIA

2019 Trustees

  • Alex Gotthelf, AIA

  • Charles Zweibach, AIA

  • Harvey Montague, AIA

2020 Trustees

  • Francisco Grimaldi, AIA

  • Victor Angulo, Associate AIA

  • Lisa Walzzer, AIA

2021 Trustees

  • Diana Rattazzi, Allied Member

  • Frank Truilo, AIA

  • Dana Napurano, AIA