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2019 President's Message

Dear Fellow AIANS Members,

I take this last opportunity to say a few words regarding the past year and my hope for the years to come.
It has been my privilege to be the 2019 President of the Newark Suburban Architects. I thank all who assisted as Board members and special committee chairpersons and volunteers who made this year’s activities a success. To all those who submitted projects to the Design Awards and those who contributed time, money and effort to CANstruction I wish to give a special thanks. To all the winners, I offer my congratulations. To those who participated in our tours of both St. Hubert’s Chapel and the Sacred Heart Cathedral I know that the reward was just the experience of having seen the fruits of the love that so many nameless (and some well-known) people have put into those buildings.

It is the Board’s mission to provide our members with speakers at the general meetings who would engage you in thought and conversation. I would like to thank Peter Borbas, NJPLS, the Building Sub-code Officials Sal Poli and Jeffery Heiss, Margaret Hickey, AIA and Darius Sollohub, AIA for their fun, inciteful and engaging presentations. Once again, for the 21st time, Joe Flock AIA pulled together a thoughtful Roundtable this time addressing the technology that we as architects wrestle with each day. I look forward to next year’s presentations with anticipation and excitement. I thank also all the members who regularly attend these gatherings as it is the primary function of AIANS to bring us together to discuss ideas, trends, problems and successes within a friendly context, to collect a few CEU and share some comradery amongst friends of a common profession.

Over the past year I have met many of the members and I applaud them for their daily efforts to make the world more safe, organized and beautiful. We intrinsically know that our purpose is to improve that which is around us and to do it with care, intelligence and grace. So long as we persist in this effort the future path will always be lit. Much of what we see around us is the result of utilitarian efforts and a lack of common vision which we can oppose through sharing our time, our thoughts and our ideas with our fellow members. The general meetings are one place this can be achieved. The other is through participating in some of the various committees that AIANS sponsors and need to be filled with caring people who may have just a little time to give back. I encourage all to look and see where they may best serve this little community of ours and help reinforce its foundations so that it will be a strong support for generations of architects to come.
Thank you again and best wishes to our incoming Board of Trustees, the Executive Committee and the 2020 AIANS President, Andrew Thompson, AIA.

Paul K. Tiajoloff, AIA
2019 President AIA Newark & Suburban Architects


Hurricane Dorian

Dear fellow AIA Newark & Suburban Architects,

It is with sorrow that we hear of the tragedy that is unfolding in the Bahamas and potentially in the southern parts of the United States.

In response to these events AIA National has posted an update to its Disaster Assistance Program.  This update can be found at this link:

At our last Board of Trustee meeting last night, the mind of the Board is to look to AIA National for direction as to how to respond to this latest natural disaster.   The days ahead undoubtedly will expose the extent of the damage and all are asked to consider whatever way they feel best serves the relief of these suffering neighbors.

Thank you for your consideration of this subject.


Paul K. Tiajoloff, AIA

2019 President

AIA Newark & Suburban Architects


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