Want to become a Sponsor?

Our partners in the building and construction industry now have the ability to reach our membership with their products and services. This opportunity to reach over 550 Section Members is unparalleled – so why not join us in the upcoming year? Here’s what our Annual Sponsorship Program has to offer:

  • The opportunity for consistent year long branding of your product or service
  • The chance to meet decision makers through one on one personal contact
  • An opportunity to sponsor a specific event that relates to your product or service
  • The ability to budget your annual marketing expense
  • The flexibility to decide when where and how many marketing dollars you want to spend

Through an annual sponsorship you can receive an allied membership in our local AIA section as well as maximum exposure for your product or service at every event we hold, all year long. You can communicate your message in our newsletter, on our website, and present your company to our members at a Section meeting. And all these opportunities are offered at a savings of up to one-third less than their individual cost. We’ve created four different sponsorship packages to meet your budget and marketing goals.

In today’s value driven business atmosphere, every expenditure must meet your objectives to promote your product or service to your target market. The creation of this sponsorship program is a result of the expressed desire of Service Providers, Vendors, Professional Affiliates, and Contractors to reinforce the “Branding” of their name to achieve consistent and wide spread exposure of their product. Some put a higher value on one-on-one personal contact with decision makers. Others expressed a desire to sponsor specific events that might relate to their product or service. We have structured our sponsorship program to be flexible and to provide significant added value. With these objectives in mind, we offer a program that allows you to choose the sponsorship level that meets your objectives.

2017 Sponsorship Package

Questions? To get put in touch with the appropriate board member contact our Section Administrator by e-mail at aiaadmin@verizon.net