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Our Rostrum has gone digital and are sent to our members as monthly E-blast newsletters from the AIA Newark and Suburban Architects. The opinions expressed in the articles are those of the authors and do not represent the opinions of the AIA Newark and Suburban Architects. The authors are solely responsible for the information contained in those articles. The Rostra (Rostrum) is the name of the great speaker’s platform in  the Roman Forum, from which speakers addressed crowds, and from this platform many of the great and famous speeches in Roman history were delivered. Speakers would stand on the rostra and face the north side of the Comitium towards the senate house and deliver orations to those assembled in between. Magistrates, politicians, advocates and other orators spoke to the assembled people of Rome from this highly honored and elevated spot. It derives its name from the six rostra (plural of rostrum, a warship’s ram) which were captured during the victory at Antium in 338 BC and mounted to its side. It began to be referred to as the Rostra Vetera (“Elder Rostra”) in the imperial age to distinguish it from other later platforms designed for similar purposes which took the name “Rostra” along with its builder’s name or the person it honored.

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