The partnership of AIA Newark & Suburban + Emerging Professionals invited designers from all over the world to find innovative, visionary and compelling proposals for Newark, New Jersey’s Visitor Centered… They delivered.Newark Visitor CenterAwards Gala was held on February 11, 2010 at the Newark Club. It was a wonderful Event. the Winners were announced and awarded the prizes for additional information please visit the website, by clicking on the image below.The competition and sponsorship was entirely presented and managed via the website was an international design competition focused on enhancing the progress of future endeavors in Newark, NJ while celebrating it’s fascinating past. Currently, there is no method for way-finding or a comprehensive historical center for this revitalized city continuously on the rise. All of the most significant cities in America include some sort of visitor’s hub that welcomes and funnels countless people through to their restaurants, civic marvels, and cultural/community events. This structure would surely facilitate further progress and highlight all of Newark’s hidden gems and main attractions alike. Moreover, the space shall boast an eclectic, sustainable program, becoming its very own destination spot.Please contact us through our website to express interest or contact: