Energy Efficiency Resources for Homes and Aparments:

An incomplete list but a good place to start. feel free to recommend sources you find.

  • Energy Savers: Site with lots of information about energy efficient homes. (us Department of Eneryg
  • Clean Energy Resources Database: Home energy efficiency. (Environmental Protectin Agency)
  • Standards: Energy efficiency standards put out by the National Association of Regulatory Commissioners (ACEEE)
  • Fresh Energy:  Leading the transition to clean, efficient and fair enery system. (non-profit)
  • Energy Star: Effective ways to turn your home into a truly energy efficient place. (US EPA &US DOE)
  • Green Energy Efficient Homes: Learn how you can make everythingmore energy efficient. (Individual w/ tips)
  • Tax Credits: Find tax breaks for those who make their home energy efficient. (Alliance to Save Energy- Non Profit)
  • EcoMall Tips: Lists websites that provide good energy saving tips. (Eco-Mall- shopping with the planetin mind)
  • Habitat for Humanity: Documents that provide energy Efficient tips for your home. (non-profit)
  • ACEEE: American Council for Energy Efficient Economy: Tips for making your home energy efficient.  (ACEEE)
  • Home Energy Saver:  Home energy efficiency. (non-proprietary website)