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The Design Awards Committee is pleased to announce the 2011 Newark and Suburban Design Award Recipients:

I.                    Residential –Built

Gold Medal: Andrew Passacantando – Gallucci Residence

The jurors praised this project for the beautiful manner in which it was re-clad to become a literate version of the traditional house.

Silver Medal: Seth A. Leeb Architects – 95 Years Young

II.                  Non-Residential Unbuilt     

Gold Medal: Solutions Architecture – Black Box Theater and Campus Chapel: The jurors admired this project for its clear diagrams and how it successfully transformed the entire campus to which it belongs.

Honorable Mention: HAR1 – DuFitt Fitness Facility: This project was selected for being successful in the way it was very specific to the function of a fitness facility and how the programming worked really well for the project type and its desired effect.

Honorable Mention: NK Architects – Boriken Health Center: The jurors found this entry to be a nicely executed design befitting both its use as a health care center and its place in the neighborhood.

III.                Non-Residential Interiors and/or Featured Element

Gold Medal: Seth A. Leeb Architects – Let Your House Be Wide Open: This project was selected for how it transforms the existing building. The new portico “presents itself as a welcoming gift to visitors” and the large window suits the theme and design.

Silver Medal: Studio 1200 – Park West Tavern: The jurors praised the theatrical nature of this restaurant design and described it as “a fun place to eat.”

IV.               Non-Residential Built

Gold Medal: Fallon + Pacheco – Lincoln School Alterations and Addition: This project was the unanimous first choice of all three jurors. They held it up as “an example of what can happen when you hire an architect.” They praised how the design team created a better sense of place from what existed and they “loved” the new courtyard.

Silver Medal: The Biber Partnership – Livingston Student Center and Commons: The jurors saw this project as “a labor of love” that with a singular move within two buildings creates an entire campus.

Honorable Mention: NK Architects – Oak Hill Academy: The jurors commented on this project’s “lightness of being” and praised its open, airy design that would be good for child development and for its nice handling of vernacular forms.

Honorable Mention: The Biber Partnership – Addition to Busch Dining Facility: This design was praised for creating a community dining experience and for the manner it admits natural light into the interior.

Thank you to our Jurors:

Dennis Wedlick, AIA is the founder of the New York City based firm bearing his name that since 1992 has earned a reputation for innovative and affordable residential design that blends traditional references with the unexpected.  In 1995 Mr. Wedlick was invited to design the Life Magazine’s Dream House and in 2007 his firm was named as one of Architectural Digest’s Top 100 Design Firms.  In addition to his firm’s design work, Mr. Wedlick is author of four books on residential architecture, including The Good Home and Good House Hunting and has contributed “how-to” articles to Fine Homebuilding Magazine.  Mr. Wedlick is also the co-founder of CORA – the Congress of Residential Architecture – which seeks to improve the quality of residential architecture through the promotion of dialogue between designers, homeowners and builders.  To see Mr. Wedlick’s work please visit www.denniswedlick.com.

Hayes Slade, AIA founded Slade Architecture with James Slade in New York City . Slade Architecture, founded in 2002, has received numerous awards for their domestic and international commercial, residential, and cultural projects, including Interior Design Magazine’s Best of the Year Award for Barbie Shanghai in 2009 and Kenig Residence in 2008, New York City Design excellence Award for HELP Homeless Shelter Renovation, 2011 Building Brooklyn Awards – Winner, Adaptive Reuse  and AIA NY awards.  Slade Architecture is one of twenty firms selected by the New York City Department of Design and Construction for their Design Excellence Program. Additionally, their work has been exhibited at the National Building Museum , the Museum of Modern Art , the Venice Bienale and the Deutsch Architecture Museum .  In 2010, Slade Architecture was selected by the New York Architecture League for their Emerging Voices lecture series.  Their diverse body of work also includes installations and furniture including “puptent” which received a national AIA Small Project Award of Merit in 2010. Current projects include a carousel enclosure and leopard exhibit at the Staten Island Zoo, a hotel interior in Philadelphia , a Public Library renovation in Brooklyn and a renovation project at JFK airport.  Ms Slade has served as a juror for the Architecture League of NY for their Emerging Voices Lecture series in 2011, Retail Design Awards in 2010 and (upcoming) Electrolux Design Lab product design program. Please go to www.sladearch.com for more details.

Gary L. Brewer, AIA is a partner with Robert A.M. Stern Architects in New York City.  Mr. Brewer is responsible for the design and administration of institutional, hospitality, and residential projects, ranging from buildings at Harvard and the University of Virginia, hotels for Walt Disney World, and custom residences across the United States, as well as the 1994 Life Magazine Dream House.  Mr. Brewer is a Fellow Emeritus and Board Member of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Classical America and has lectured extensively on traditional house design, history of pattern book houses, and Manhattan clubs.  Mr. Brewer was also a juror for the 2009 Residential Architect Magazine’s Design Awards and the 2011 Philip Trammell Schutze Awards for Classical and Traditional Design.  To see Mr. Brewer’s work please visit www.ramsa.com.